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****  Special Notices  ****

  • Long Covid
    We welcome people with post covid fatigue (long covid, post covid CFS) to join our group, due to the similarity of the illness with ME/CFS.

  • New Yoga Nidra Online Classes
    Yoga Nidra is a very deep form of relaxation. 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is said to be the equivalent of 2 hours sleep. All you need to do is lie down in a comfortable and quiet place and listen to the teachers voice.
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    For more information on the online Yoga Nidra classes  click here

  • Millhouses, dates of classes. Doors open at 11.00am.

    Friday 3 May 11.15-12.45 Vicky
    Friday 10 May 11.15-12.45 Vicky
    Friday 17 May 11.15-12.45 Caroline
    Friday 24 May 11.15-12.45 Rachel
    Friday 31 May 11.15-12.45 Vicky

    Online classes
    If you have registered for these classes you will be sent a link to join. They will continue to be every week unless otherwise stated.

    Friday 3 May 11.00-12.30 Rebecca
    Friday 10 May 11.00-12.30 Rebecca
    Friday 17 May 11.00-12.30 Rebecca
    Friday 24 May 11.00-12.30 Kay
    Friday 31 May 11.00-12.30 Rebecca

  • Fiona Agombar comments on our Yoga Nidra CD
    "This is the best Yoga Nidra CD I have come across and I use it on my retreats. If you are looking for a good yoga nidra CD and to enjoy the health benefits of deep relaxation then I thoroughly recommend this. Rebecca has a lovely voice."
    Fiona Agombar, yoga teacher and author of Beat Fatigue with Yoga. For more information  click here 

  • Yoga Nidra for those with ME/CFS article
    Rebecca Allen has written an article on Yoga Nidra for those with ME/CFS -  Click here

         Sheffield Yoga for ME/CFS Group

Sheffield Yoga for ME/CFS runs specialised yoga classes for people with ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Long Covid in Sheffield.
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Funded by the The Talbot Trusts, South Yorkshire Community Foundation Comic Relief, People's Health Trust, Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust, Freshgate Trust Foundation, The Brelms Trust, J G Graves Charitable Trust, Sheffield Town Trust, Gay and Peter Hartley's Hillards Charitable Trust and National Lottery Community Fund Awards for All.

The inclusion of information on this website does not imply a recommendation or guarantee of accuracy. Individual opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the whole group. Sheffield Yoga for ME/CFS is not responsible for the content of external links. Before embarking on anything new you are advised to discuss this first with your practitioner or doctor.

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