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Members' Feedback from the Iyengar Yoga Sessions 2005

"I attended the first special yoga–for–ME session at Sheffield's new Yoga Centre yesterday. It feels completely wonderful to be in a centre dedicated to the practice of yoga, rather than in a school hall, or a place where you have to work around its uses for other purposes. The centre is in a converted church, and has been painted lovely sage green shades. The floorboards have been restored, and there are lovely touches, such as an Indian embroidery over the entrance to the main hall. There is an inner room where ayurvedic massage sessions are offered (which have a cleansing effect). From a practical point of view too having a dedicated centre is great. There is a mind boggling array of props and supports for yoga on hand (even long soft bandages ...but I won't go into that!) and therein lies the great benefit for those of us with ME. The use of blankets, bolsters, blocks and belts helped my exhausted and aching body to get into and stay in wonderfully restorative positions without any sense of effort. Frances Homewood's expert tuition and knowledge gleaned over many years from the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Poona, India, means she has a keen sense of what is right for people with special needs. Every pose we did in the hour and a half session was deeply relaxing. I could have stayed in each pose for ages, and indeed was a bit crestfallen when we were asked to move on to the next pose. I strongly recommend you give the centre a try! Frances also runs therapeutic yoga sessions at the centre every Tuesday afternoon. She can be contacted on 07944 169238."  By Jane Horton, October 2005.

"Incredibly restorative. I could have stayed in any one of the supported postures for ages."

"Amazingly relaxing. Lying on a bolster helped to correct my posture – the next day I found that my shoulders felt further back instead of being all scrunched forwards. Definitely going again."

"Really enjoyed it. Very positive. No ill effect afterwards even though having a bad day healthwise. Much easier for me to get to as it is much closer to home."

"Fabulous. Definitely going again. Really really enjoyed it. Felt great the day after. Much easier for me to get to as it is in the North of Sheffield. Having the class in the afternoon is better for me too."

"I really enjoyed it. I was energized for a few hours afterwards and felt as though I was treading on air."

"Wonderfully relaxing. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely going again."

"Very relaxing. I've found the style of the Iyengar Yoga seemed to suit me better than the other style I've tried. More supported and less strenuous. Liked the venue too."

Sheffield Yoga for ME/CFS, November 2005

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