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An evaluation was performed in March 2002. 18 of 28 forms were returned completed.

The Illness
Most (11) said they were moderately affected, 4 said they were severely affected and 1 said they were mildly affected. All but 1 had been forced to stop working by ill health or had already retired. All 18 said the illness had affected their social life and hobbies.

The Yoga Sessions
Most people were happy with with the content and nature of the yoga sessions – for example13/18 said the activity level was just right for them and 15/18 said the time spent on breathing exercises was just right. 3 people found the activity level too high for them.

Effects on Health
11 people felt the yoga had a positive impact on their health and 14 said that yoga had helped them to relax more deeply. 15/ 18 said they valued the social contact.

General Comments
Much appreciation was expressed for the classes, which was contrasted by some with the lack of other services for people with ME or CFS.

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