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"The class has been invaluable in reducing the social isolation that usually accompanies this often misuderstood illness. To be able to meet and share in a warm supportive environment, and feel accepted as 'human' again has been really important to me. The focus of yoga has improved greatly my relaxation skills and a better relationship with my body. I see this as helping greatly in my path to recovery which I am now starting to do. The class brings a sense of enjoyment and peace to my life. A big thank you."

"I find the classes help me a great deal. For example, after a class I am more relaxed, have more energy, my breathing has improved, and my spine feels much better. The classes also enable me to meet new people, which is great as the illness has taken away my social life."

"I like the breathing tip on the web site."

"I really enjoy the session and look forward to an activity that doesn't leave me exhausted."

"Gentle yoga is the perfect exercise for sufferers of ME/CFS and we have teachers who understand the condition and make the classes ideal for the group."

"I have only recently started to attend the Tuesday yoga classes, 3 so far. I have enjoyed them so far and with more practice hope to try the yoga and relaxation techniques at home."

"I love the Tuesday class at Walkley and always feel better after. The contact with people in the same boat is also helpful."

"The variety we get from the different teachers is good."

"I know that I would benefit more if I practised more at home."

"I have a lot of demands on my time and energy. The yoga sessions are a time for myself. I do miss them when I am not able to come; I notice that my symptoms are worse when I haven't been able to come for a while. The people in the group are very welcoming, warm and friendly. It is the one place where I feel that everyone understands my situation. I feel the group is an important establishment."

"Love Rebecca's yoga."

"The yoga classes are the best thing in my life (sad but true)."

"In the short time I've attended noticed a huge difference. Felt I've had more energy than if I'd had a nap. Muscle pain lot improved. Increased movement in joints and muscles. Please keep it going."

"Yoga has become a lifeline to me and would find it very difficult to manage my ME without it. Instruction from the yoga teachers has taught me much about how to manage my health problems and how to give myself a better quality of life."

"I can't stress enough how important the Class is to me. I'm fairly severely affected so there are no other activities that I can currently do in a group setting. The class is very warm and friendly and welcoming and I have made friends through the class which is important because I am quite socially isolated. It feels like a little community which I appreciate greatly, having nothing else like this in my life (don't work, haven't got a family, not religious and not well enough for clubs, pubs etc). It is hard to create structure in your life if you are mainly housebound and don't work. The class is very helpful in this - when I am well enough to go it is a fixed point to organise my time around; when I am too unwell to go, I know it is happening, and it is something to aim at for when I am better."

Sheffield Yoga for ME/CFS
January 2009

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