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"Yoga for ME twice a week has become a 'life-saver' for my illness and made a huge difference to my life, which without it would be isolated and unsupported. The teachers are very sensitive to and understanding of ME and its limitations and make it possible for all of us to participate at our own level. It's wonderful to mix with fellow sufferers and share experiences and feel secure with like-minded people, who are coping with this misunderstood and severely debilitating illness. The atmosphere is caring and gentle and makes a huge difference to coping on one's own. The free taxis help enormously and many just wouldn't be able to attend without this help.
"It's wonderful that funding has been available for this group and I truly hope that it will be available in the future for this well-deserving cause."

"Attending the Yoga for ME has made a big difference to me . As well as helping some on my symptoms it is nice to have something positive to look forward to where I meet others who also share similar experiences. ME can be so isolating at times. Thank you so much to everyone involved in making 'Yoga for ME/CFS' happen."

"Couldn't do without practising yoga. It is now a part of my life. Yoga helps me in several ways: my breathing, my flexibility and my energy."

"The offer of subsidised equipment has been of great benefit ... which makes practising at home so much easier."

"I always feel stronger and calmer after each class."

"The Yoga helps relaxation and posture."

"The Yoga has improved my energy and mobility. It helps psychologically."

"I have less stiffness and joint pain."

"Wonderful to have such an excellent range of teachers."

"Helps with switching off and so helps pacing which has helped me to manage my ME/CFS."

"Yoga has changed my life.Thank you to all the committee for your hard work behind the scenes so we can all enjoy Yoga for ME/CFS in Sheffield."

Sheffield Yoga for ME/CFS
January 2009

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