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“I was apprehensive about coming as I have never been in a group of other people with ME/CFS and I did not want to be surrounded by people moaning and groaning about ill–health. I was really surprised to find a very positive atmosphere with no–one next to me discussing the illness. I really enjoyed the session.”

“These sessions were a great help in achieving some necessary adjustments – there was little relaxation in my life before the illness – there now has to be and this is positive.”

“Find it wonderful to learn yoga exercises that you can do lying down – teacher is very sensitive to needs of ill people.”

“I appreciate the fact that the teacher states not to do an exercise if you know you can not due to pain.”

“I think we are most fortunate to have a teacher who has tailored yoga for M.E. folk.”

“Excellent benefits all round!”

“Breathing much better. Also spine and joint mobility improved. Energy levels sometimes better after the class. Feel calm and relaxed after class.”.

“It is difficult to comment on the benefit long–term. I certainly feel more supple and calmer after the yoga sessions. I think the teaching is very good and Linda has a very soothing and calming voice.”

“The yoga is wonderful for improving stiff muscles and joints, and tense muscles in back and neck especially. May also be the only time I truly relax, in a quiet space.”

“I enjoy the opportunity to meet other ME sufferers and do something in a group – I don’t get many opportunities to do things with other people and I miss it.”

“Coming to the yoga classes helped me to change my lifestyle and achieve the correct balance of activity and rest. As a result of the yoga I have been able to return to work.”

“I have not been well enough to come to the classes recently. However, I found them very useful and am still practising at home what I learnt.”

“I have had no social life for several years as I’ve been too ill, so it is great to be able to meet new people.”

“I find the classes very valuable when I am both feeling better and feeling worse. When I am feeling worse they are excellent as activity and rest, when I am better they stop me from doing too much.”

“I can’t say whether sessions have affected my health overall but I enjoy them and feel better after them as long as I don’t do too much in the session.”

“My muscles feel very very relaxed after the relaxation.”

“Regular practice with yoga is really helping my spine to become stronger and more supple, helping to correct the effects from lying and sitting in bad postures for too long. I feel energised after doing yoga as long a I don’t overdo it. “

“The yoga breathing exercises have improved my irregular breathing rate and help me breathe more easily through my nose.”

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